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Considering the harmony and appearence of the human face the skin around the eyes has an outstanding value. Blepharoplasty is a special operation for treating the wrinkles and sacks of the hanging upper and lower eyelids.

The procedure is mainly performed ambulantory in local anesthesia which hurts a bit, but the operation itself is painless. Together with face lift we usually perform it in general anaesthesia.

The flabby skin of the upper eyelid can disturb the vision and also has disadvantages in appearance. From the incision line of the upper eyelid the skin and fat excess can be corrected. The remaining scar is white and soft and almost unvisible after some month.

The most disturbing are the sacks at the lower eyelid. The incision line is just under the hairline, healing is as above mentioned.

Resorption of the haematomas and swelling on the eyelids and in their surrounding takes about two weeks. Suture removal is on the 4-5th day, for 10-14 days sunglasses is recommended. Complications rarely can occur as bleeding, inflammation. Occasionally closing disabiliy of the lids can happen, what is mainly due to the swelling and disappears spontaneously. In very rare persistant cases rarely correction will be necessary.

The definitive result can be seen after 2-3 months, but the main changes are well observable after 2-3 weeks.

Reference pictures

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