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Whom can be the augmentation mammaplasty proposed to?

One of the most frequently performed plastic surgical operation is the breast enlargement with the use of prosthesis / implant/. This is usually recommended for the treatment of hypoplastic, small breasts or softened and atrophized breasts after feeding. In case of small but flattened, hanging breasts the augmentation can be performed together with correction mammaplasty (breast lift).

What must be known about silicon material? What is the proper breast protheses look like?

There are several different rumors about the silicon implants.
By the recent scientific knowledge the silicon does not interfere with the cells of the human body. Do not cause cancer or improve the possibility of cancer formation. The implanted material soon will be the organized part of the patient’s body, felt as her own and does not cause any limitation in sporting, travelling, or any kind of physical activity. Pregnancy and breast feeding is possible without any restriction, the different methods for the breast investigations / Ultrasound, X-ray etc./ can be performed safely. One must be as cautious with the implant as with her own breast.

IQUAM (formally EQUAM), an international comitte of the IPRAS / International Society of Plastic,
Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery / is responsible for the quality controll of the silicon products used in plastic surgery. / See appendix /

The best aesthetic result can be achieved by the use of silicon prosthesis. The medical grade silicon gel is situated in thick outer shell. The surface of the shell can be smooth or textured. We usually use textured materials according to our experiences to prevent the capsule contracture / see later/. Considering the prices, forms and shapes several types are available on the market. The most relaible implants have CE marking according to the european standars.

There are other types of prostheses filled with different materials like saline or the so called oncotic gel etc. These protheses may be considered as a substitutional option in special individual cases.

A silicon prostheses lasts for long time, but can be removed any time. The new generation of the prothesis represents high quality and durability and maintains the good result for long time.

How is the breast enlargement procedure is performed? What result can be expected?

The implant is implanted by a 1-1,5 hour long operation, performed in local or general anaesthesia. In our clinic we usually use intravenous narcosis for general anaesthesia what is a superficial but safe narcosis. By this method anaesthesia and sleeping can be achived for the whole period of the operation and quick and safe recovery is provided too. The intervention can be done ambulantory, but in special cases overnighting is advisory.

The prosthesis can be situated between the glandular tissue and the chest muscles, or under the muscles above the chest wall. This is controlled by the given features of the patient: in case of skinny, thin skin patients with less breast tissue the submuscular implantation is justified, as the outline of the material is hided in this way. There are several possible surgical approaches to the breast augmentation. The most commonly empolyed techniques are the inframammry incision which is made slightly above wher the lower part of the breast touches the chest, or a periareolar incision which made around the lower border of the areola, the dark pink skin that surrounds the nipple. Another approch is axillary incision made in the armpit. Working through the incision the surgeon lifts the breast tissue / or the muscle from the chest wall / up to create an envelop to put the breast implant in.

In case of combination mammaplasty / augmentation + correction mammaplasty / usually the regular mammaplasty is performed above the submuscularly placed prothesis. In this case the operative scars are situated around the areola /and vertically in the midline.

Following succesfull surgery the touch and shape is very natural, and the presence of the prosthesis is not detectable. The size of the implant is regulated by the request and the given qualities of the patient. The form and size of the breast, the symmetry of the chest and the whole body, and the quality of the skin, its softness and thickness all play and important role to decide individually the chosen material and surgical method.

The scars in ideal case are almost invisible, white, soft, linear lines, reaching its endform within 6-12 months. The usual facts are true here as well : dispite of all surgical efforts there is no 100% guarantee for the best wound healing. In case of disturbed healing or thickened scars scar correction can be done.

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What kind of complication can occur after breast implantation ?

Though the breast augmentation is a safe and routin procedure in the hands of an expert, few complication can occur. The complication rate is very low, but the patient must know about it. The responsibility of the surgeon is to be able to controll all the possible complication when it rarely occurs.
In all the cases around the foreign material a capsule is build up of connective tissue. If this capsule is shrunk or thickened the touch of the breast can be more firm. Only some special cases need operation to solve this problem.

There is a possibility as with any operation for inflammation and haematome formation, requesting corretion interventions. Due to the inflammation the removal of the prostheses, and later repositioning is very rare complication.

Is the operation painful? What is expected after the procedure?

During the operation the patient does not feel pain or discomfort due to the narcosis. Immediately after and on the next some days smaller inconvenience and pain can be calculated. This can be releived by usually painkillers. In case of submuscular implantation this period usually lasts longer due to the tension of the muscular fibers. There are alterations due to the individual pain tolerance as well.

The sutures are removed on the 10-14th day, and this is the end of the primary healing period. Excercises, physical workout, driving gradually advisable only after the 4th week. For 6-8 week good bra is offered to wear. Controll is offered in every half year.

Preoperative considerations

According to the more than two decades experiences of dr. Sikos in plastic surgery and operations of hundreds of patients we can say the augmentation mammaplasty is a very succesfull intervention. The joy and satisfaction of our patient operated long ago is the proof for us how much this operation ment to them. It is always very difficult to conclude in a decision but who made it, did not regret it. The good result not only increases the outlook, but maintains the self-confidence and succes in life.

During the initial visit the specific details of your case will be discussed, including the surgical technique to be used, the anaesthesia and what the surgery realistically can accomplish. Additional factors to consider before electing the surgery such as risk and costs should be discussed.

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