dr. Sikos is certified plastic surgeon, internationally recognized hair transplant specialist

Sikos Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplant Clinic has been founded by Géza Sikos, M.D. certified plastic surgeon and hair transplant specialist in 1992 in Budapest, Hungary. Our plastic surgery service is continously availabe for patients, interested in special aesthetic procedures during the past 22 years.

dr. Sikos is working as a plastic surgeon since 1984, he has 12 years of clinical and 22 years of private practice experience.

Dr.Sikos has accomplished general plastic surgery and hair transplant trainings, courses and congresses in the USA and several other countries and occasions.

Dr. Sikos is cooperating with the leading british hair clinic, FARJO Medical and responsible for performing FUE hair transplant surgeries in Manchester, England in the year 2012-13.

dr. Sikos is the member of several international societies as

  • Hungarian Society of Plastic Surgeons (MPHEST)
  • International Confederation of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery ( IPRAS)
  • European Section of IPRAS ( ESPRAS)
  • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).
  • Formal General- Secretary of the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ESHRS)
  • Hungarian Dermatological Society ( MDT)
  • dr. Sikos is the full member of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery. ( BAHRS).
Nemzetközi Plasztikai, Helyreállító és Esztétikai Sebész Társaság (   International Confederation of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic   Surgery, IPRAS)Magyar Dermatológiai Társaság (MDT) Magyar Plasztikai, Helyreállító és Esztétikai Sebész Társaság   (MPHEST IPRAS tagság diploma dr. Sikos BAHRS  

diplomas and certificates of dr. Sikos and the Sikos Clinic

dr.Sikos and his happy nurses

Domestic and international events visited by dr. Sikos recently

1994 I. German Endoscopic Course München, Germany
1995 ISAPS Plastic Surgery Educational Course Antalya, Turkey
1996 ISHRS Annual meeting Nashville, USA
1997 IPRAS Congress Lisboa, Portugal
1997 ISHRS Annual Meeting Barcelona, Spain
1998 ISHRS Annual Meeting Washington, USA
1998 NHI Hair transplant Course FUT method Los Angeles, USA
1998 Eastern-european Aesthetic-plastic Surgery Course Prague, Czeh Republic
1999 ESHRS III. Congress Paris, France
1999 IPRAS XII. World Congress San Francisco, USA
2000 ESHRS IV.Congress Istanbul, Turkey
2000 ISHRS Annual Meeting Hawaii, USA
2001 ESHRS V. Congress Barcelona, Spain
2001 ESPRAS IX. Congress Rome, Italy
2002 European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Congress, Wien, Austria
2002 Face lift Giants face lifet Course Bonn, Germany
2002 ISHRS X. Annual Meeting Chicago, USA
2004 International mammaplasty Course Visegrád, Hungary
2004 I. Aesthetic Symposium Budapest
2005 ESPRAS 10. Congress Wien, Austria
2006 ISHRS FUE workshop Denver, USA
2006 EBOPRAS European Course in Plastic Surgery invited speaker, Budapest
2007 Breast and Face symposium, invited speaker, Budapest
2007 International Plastic Surgery Course Budapest
2008 ESHRS 11. Congress Madrid ,Spain
2009 ISHRS XVII. Congress Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2010 MPHEST XIV. Congress and I. Central European Confidence Meeting (CEC), Szeged
2011 ISHRS workshop FUE hair transplant Istambul, Turkey
2011 ISAPS course Debrecen, HUngary 2011 november 11-12
2012 University Educational Course Budapest
2012 Congress of the Aesthetic Section of MPHEST lI. Central European Confidence Meeting (CEC), Budapest
2013 ISHRS Hair transplant workshop, invited surgical faculty. Manchester, England
2014 ISHRS Hair transplant workshop Brussels, Belgium

The ISHRS Annual Scientific Meeting has become the premier meeting in the field of Hair Restoration Surgery. The meeting includes lectures, video surgical theater, panel discussions, scientific poster presentations, live patient viewing, and more.



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