Lipofilling is a procedure when we take your own fat tissue from your tigh-hip area (donor area) and transfer it to any other part of the body, preferabaly to the face, labia majora etc.. At the donor site we make a small 0.2-0.3 mm incision, administrate local anesthetics and harvest the rquested amount of fat by suction force with small syringes. We close the small wound by one-two small stiches. This area behaves later like liposuction areas usually : swelling, bruising occur for about to weeks, which disappear itself.

Next the harvested fat tissue is transfered into the new place where is requested by tiny canullas only by small puncture wounds.Only the puncture spot is anesthetised, introducing the canule and fat transfer can be well tolerated, but the whole procedure can be done under general anesthesia as well.
The fat transfer will result an increase of the tissue mass, by one should know there is a tendency for absorbation, which means that 40-60% of the transferred fat will stay only. Sometime this is enough, but in other cases the procedure canbe/shall be repeated in order to achive the optimum outcome.Number of the repetition depends on the requested increase and on the absorbation tendency of the body, usually one two repetition is enough.

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