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Men and women alike have been struggling for ages against their excessive kilos - deposit of fat layers on different regions of the body. By the help of the frequently performed liposuction operation we are able to sculpture the contour of the body, change the undiserable deformities removing the fat excess. The procedure can not be used instead of any diat, or fitness exercise, only localised fat deposits / neck,chin, belly, hips,tighs,knees etc./ can be corrected by this method, not general obesity. The result mostly appears in diameter reduction which can be 3-6 cm in each cases. Usually the method not recommended in case of very unelastic, distended skin because this type of skin can be more flabby afterward.

The liposuction operation is performed from a 3-4 mm incision making on the operation site. A narrow metal canule is inserted through into the subdermal fat tissue and the fat is removed by vacuum aspiration.The procedure can be done under local anesthesia but general anesthesia is more recommended to eliminate the pain, to achive better result, to be able to remove more fat. The narcosis is intravenous sedation what allows us usually to perform the intervention on an outpatient basis in safety.

The wear of a special dressing, pressure trousers is necessary for about 4-6 weeks after the operation.This reduces the developing of haematoma and swelling and helps shrinkage of the skin.Haematomas and swelling disappear within 2-3 weeks. In the operated area one can feel harder skin due to the rebuilding and changes of the tissues subdermal. This is gradually getting more and more soft, so the final result can be seen after about two-three month.

The complication rate is very low by this operation:bleeding, infection,thrombosis has only a literature interest.Very rarely some deformation might remain on the skin, what can be easily corrected by an other operation.

As it mentioned above the operation usually can be done ambulantory.We can assure one night stay postoperatively as well.The controll and suture removal is on the 10th day approximatly.

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