Informations about general anaesthesia (narcosis)

At our clinic the general anaesthesia is always performed by an experienced anaesthesiologist. Narcosis is employed only knowing the present health status and the presurgical evaluation tests results of yours. In case of any alteration in your health (known illnesses, regular medications) don’t forget to let we know in order to be able to prepare you for the narcosis and prevent any unwilling complication.

We utilize intravenous narcosis together with local anesthetics as general anesthesia. We introduce a plastic needle into your forearm venous vessel, and after the administration of the drug, you will fall asleep immediately. There is no pain during the surgery.

Sleep and awakening is easy and comfortable and after a short while you will come to conscious.

As complication hypersensitivity, high fever against the utilized drugs is rare. More serious allergic reactions as face/throat oedema, general shock, or heart arythmia, stop is extremely rare and only in very low number can lead to death. As late complication nausea, vomiting, longer recovery after awakening is possible, but not frequent. These problems can be cured with appropriate therapy Any pain or complaint of yours occuring after surgery is handled by pills or in injection as necessary.

Overnight at our clinic is very comfortable in your own room, equipped with telephone and TV set. An experienced nurse is taking care of you till morning. The morning next to the surgery you can leave the clinic. Driving, travelling alone is not adviced yet, so an adult escort is recommended. We will see you for controll in a couple of days but you can contact us any time if you feel it necessary.

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