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Why and when the rhinoplasty operation is indicated?

Due to the continuous development of the cartilagenous - bony structure of the nose frame during puberty surgery is rarely indicited previously of it not to disturbe this process.
Beside of this nose job can be performed at any age.
Based on a meticulous physical investigation considering the patient wish and the given constitutional possibilities we should establish the operation plan. Harmony of the face, appearence of the patient can be improved greatly by the successful yield of the nose surgery. Much of our patients retrieved their self-confidence and became successful in their private and buisness life following surgery.

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How is the nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) operation happens ? What should we count on after surgery?

The nose reshaping surgery can be done under local or general anaesthesia. The local anaesthesia goes with some pain and discomfort according the extension of the intervention and the sensibility of the patient. These can be avoided under general anaesthesia (narcosis). In our clinic we perform a well-tried i.v. sedation which provides complete anaesthesia during the whole procedure. Awakening is usually quick and free of trouble. Patients should stay overnight at the clinic and could leave in the next morning.

The incisons are hidden in the nostrils so usually no visible scars remain after surgery. With some indication ( thick, wide nose-wings or difficult deformities, open rhinoplasties, secondary operations) we need to use external incisions, but these usually heal without noticable scars. The requested new form can be achieved by the special modification of the cartilaginous, and bony frame and in case the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the nose. Septal deviatons can be handled simultaneously.

After surgery some haematome and oedema occur around the eyes especially if the bony structure has been involved in surgery. Spontaneous resorption of these bruising deformation usually last for two-three weeks. No pain is characteristic in the post op. period, swabs in the nostrils can cause some discomfort but they are removed at the next day usually.

Most of the cases we put paris plaster as an external fixation on the nose for about 10 days. Removing this bandage the new shape of the nose is well visible but the ultimate outcome can be seen after some months. During this time the skin is redraping on the new frame and some bulging disappears due to the resorption of oedema and the internal connective tissue regeneration.

Complications occur very rarely by the nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) operation. Some local haematome or infection can be treated medically or with small local interventions.

The nose must be treated carefully after surgery: blowing is forbidden for two weeks, any trouble should be avoided mainly in the first 1-2 months.

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